Q. What will it cost me to have my clients serviced by Assured Future ?
A. There is no direct cost. A proportion of the income produced will be retained to cover costs but only after it has been generated. In fact, having active servicing on your entire client bank will probably produce new income so there will be profit for you rather than cost.

Q. How do I know when my clients are being contacted and by whom ?
A. Every time we contact someone from your client bank we will advise you of the date, time and associate dealing. We will continue to keep you advised of progress and summarise contacts once a month.

Q. Isn’t this just another network ?
A. No .We do not aim to offer the same service as a network. All we are offering is a method by which you can ensure that your servicing commitment to your clients is satisfied in a speedy and compliant way.

Q. What happens to my renewals commissions on the clients that I ask you to service ?
A. All income generated directly by business in place when we take over your servicing will remain paid to you. For new business we will negotiate a structure to our mutual satisfaction.

Q. Can I cancel a servicing arrangement at anytime ?
A. Yes. You will not be tied to contract for a set period and are at liberty to resume your own servicing at any time. Obviously there may be business in progress at the time of any such request and it would make sense for that to continue to a conclusion. Apart from that, there are no restrictions.

Q. Can I retain certain clients for my personal attention or must I transfer the entire client bank ?
A. How many clients you ask us to service is entirely up to you. If you want to test the service first, why not transfer a small number of clients that you find difficult to reach on a regular basis and let us show you what can be achieved.

Q. Are there any geographical restrictions ?
A. There are no specific restrictions but if face-to-face client contact is a major stumbling block then we may have to resort to servicing by mail.

Q. What will you do if you discover anomalies in the recorded history of a client ?
A. Generally we would refer back to you for an instruction but you must bear in mind that we are subject to the law of the land and the regulations set by the FSA. This is particularly important if there is a suspicion of money laundering.

Q. Can you look into the compliance aspects of previous sales ?
A. This is something that we would bear in mind but we are not offering a ‘post-sale’ compliance service. There could be occasions when we might need more information than has been kept on file and in this instance we would refer back to you, so there is an element of compliance checking but this is not the purpose of the arrangement. If compliance is a concern we do have access to one of the foremost compliance companies and would be happy to put you in touch.