Solutions for IFA’s

Our mission is to create a trading environment for advisers that allows them to grow their businesses and bring new blood into the industry. It is our belief that we can secure long term growth for the industry and raise the standard of services available. Our aim is to pool advisers resources to increase expenditure for training and provide centralised administration, compliance coaches and training staff throughout Buckinghamshire and London

At Assured Future we have developed an exciting new business model which will enable our Team to provide a premier service not just for our clients, but also clients of other advisers and to keep that standard throughout.

The Assured Future team of specialist advisers allows us to be well informed, providing our clients with the best advice possible. Our business model operates using five associates to one PA. Our associates affect four client reviews each per week which provides a total of 20 every week per advisor.

Assured Future provides solutions for IFAs and affiliated businesses. This includes file stripping and fact finding on your behalf, making sure that the information is current and compliant.